Echoes of Elysium
Digital Card Game

Echoes of Elysium


Research, ideation, conception, visual development, development of gameplay mechanics, AI prompting, image manipulation, image editing, compositing, playtesting, balancing


Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, Affinity Photo, Affinity Publisher, Affinity Designer, Google Docs & Sheets, Miro, Trello

Echoes of Elysium is a mythologically inspired online collectible card game for PC and mobile that captures Greek mythology through innovative gameplay. The game allows players to craft new stories through unprecedented interactions between familiar characters. Players choose a god or goddess as their class and build a corresponding deck to compete against others. The game allows players to build their decks from a wide variety of cards, including ordinary humans, legendary heroes, mythical creatures, powerful spells, and cunning traps. In a match, players must outwit their opponents through strategic card play and resource management. Uniquely, the gods themselves can intervene at critical moments to turn the tide of battle.

I developed both the digital game concept and a playable analog prototype for my master's thesis. The design process began with extensive analysis of collectible card games (CCGs), Greek mythology, and ancient Greek culture, including interviews with an expert in classical archaeology. This research informed the game's mechanics and visual design. For the gameplay mechanics, I drew inspiration from various other CCGs, combining their most fun elements into a new experience. For the visual design, I blended ancient Greek culture with a modern fantasy aesthetic using innovative AI image generation and manual post-processing. After several rounds of playtesting to refine the mechanics and balance the cards, I successfully presented the game at the GG Bavaria 2024 game fair and received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Title Artwork
Playable gods/classes
A selection of class cards from Poseidon.
A selection of class cards from Dionysus.
A selection of class cards from the other gods, as well as neutral cards.